donderdag 10 september 2009

J is for "just to let you know I'm still here"

Its been hectic during the past few weeks, and I've been busy with other things, but its time reveal one activity that keeps me away from the computer. Of course we are at the stables each day, with either myself or Jolanda riding, but its not the riding that takes the time - or the grooming - or mucking out the stables. In fact, at this time of the year we don't have to muck out the stables because the horses are all in the pasture (weiland) day and night.

You would think that would make things easier, and the horses definitely like the freedom, but the one drawback to keeping them out, is getting them in!
Ulo is a sweetie, and no problem to catch, so why do I complain?
This is what faces us most evenings!
There they are!

Getting closer!

Shes Seen Us!

Still time for another bite

One last Mouthful

I want to be in the Picture!

Off to Work