donderdag 31 maart 2011

cheap flights

For all relatives trying to get back home for a family do!
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make sure you play it right to the end

vrijdag 25 maart 2011

Amsterdam's next top model!

It was Jolanda's Birthday! She's 14. Instead of a themed party with birthday cake, and presents she decided to go to Fris in Amsterdam with a group of friends.

Fris is a disco for 12 to 15 year olds. it does not have a permanent home, but the location is published on the internet a few days before the event and tickets are available online. The Disco starts at 8 and goes on until 2.

The girls arrived at our house to get ready at five oclock! they went to the snack bar for chips, then came back for cake (I did do cake) and to open the presents (there were presents) then they went upstairs to make a mess of the bathroom and bedrooms for an hour and a half.

We had booked a taxi for five to take them there and back, but of course they were not ready, the poor man had to wait for them all to go to the WC! They were thrilled with the taxi (a big people carrier with darkened windows!) and went off in gusts of perfume and gales of giggles.

We were only disturbed by two texts - the first because Eva had forgotten her night things, and her mother had to bring them round, and the second..... was nothing!

At 12.45 John went into Amsterdam to meet the taxi driver and make sure everyone got into the taxi together. he spent a fruitless 20 mins outside the venue with a crowd of other fathers texting and phoning their offspring with no effect.

Eventually they all piled out, and he sheparded them into the taxi, then followed the taxi home. Oh - one last thing, the main road had been closed for road repairs from Amsterdam to our village for the whole weekend so everyone had to travel over the field roads to get back home! Luckily we know the way.

The girls all arrived at our house to collect their bags, make up, hair curlers, hair strighteners and clothes, then John paid off the taxi driver and took one girl on to her home in the next village, whilst the rest went up the road onder their own steam (they all live in the same street!)
Jolanda and Eva grunted twice then fell into bed.