maandag 2 augustus 2010

Did we enjoy Disney?

Last week we took Jolanda and a friend to Disneyland Paris. It was a short and intense trip, driving down tuesday, staying two nights in a disney hotel (Sequoia Lodge - no complaints, there) and driving back up on thursday.

It was VERY hot the first day, and the park was packed so it took us a few hours to get organised and orientated to get the most out of the visit. After a great buffet dinner at the hotel however we went back into the park and managed to hit Thunder Mountain and the Indiana Jones ride, before collapsing into bed.
The next day was damp and drizzling, which made the experience much more pleasant (fewer crowds and short queues!) We got some shopping done and went to Disney Studios. The stunt drivers show was great, and the girls did the big roller coasters - I gave them a miss after the night before.

The last day; and we had been given breakfast tickets in the Park - I was not too happy with a half hour hike into Fantasyland before I was able to get so much as a cup of coffee, but it meant we were able to get on the rides we had missed on earlier days. Space Mountain was finally open (it had been closed the other two days), and Jolanda and I got fasttrack tickets. Of all the rides, this one was the only one I had never done, so I was slightly nervous, but the thing with Disney is that the more intense the ride, the shorter the experience, so I figured it would be over before I knew it.
Jolanda and I both voted it the best ride - especially the times you experienced weightlessness (something to do with the centrifugal forces as you corkscrewed?)

Then it was time to head home - totally exhausted. John vowed he would never go again, but I think I could pop back there another time!