maandag 17 mei 2010

Blisters and bandages!

Suprise - another blog about the pony! Its a bit delayed however, but for good reason. A week ago Jolanda had another competition, and we decided it was time to get more professional and use a trailer to get the venue. There were two ponies competing at the same time, so we hired a trailer from the manege and John volunteered (was persuaded) to drive.

The day of the competition came, and we were there nice and early to get the Ulo plaited up and groomed. It was a bit busy at the stables, and not very restful, so this took longer than usual, but finally she was ready and John got the trailer in position. (I won't go into what he said about the general condition of the trailer, but it has been well used, shall we say)

We wanted to load Ulo first, as the last time she was scared to go in next to the other horse. Ulo had other ideas, and although she walked into the trailer with Jolanda, she backed out again so quickly we could not get the bar shut to keep her in. The rope was pulled though Jolanda's hands and she had a very painful blister.

I took over and she walked in again, only to do the very same thing.... by then the crowd of spectators was growing, and it was getting ridiculous. I had another attempt, and was determined not to let go, but a determined 600 kilo horse is hard to hold, and again the rope ripped though my hands.

On my third attempt we got the bar across to hold her in and she calmed down. The other pony was a peice of cake to load, and we drove off to the venue after I picked up a packet of plasters to tidy up our hands.

Getting her out was easier than we had expected, and we saddled her up. Jolanda's hands were hurting really badly, but she carried on, and rode her two proofs. Whilst the other pony was still busy doing her competition we quietly started to load Ulo back into the trailer.

This time John thought he would have a go, and almost ripped a nail off as she backed away from him. I took over again, and we finally got her in with the help of a kind and calm passer by.

In need of a coffee, we set off for the cantine, and more bandages! When the results were anounced, Jolanda won an amazing first place, followed by a third, I am so proud that she could focus to do that!

It was a learning experience, and we know now we will be wearing gloves from now on, and there will be a trailer loading course in the near future for myself and John!

And the delay in posting? Its been really difficult to type with most of my fingers in bandages!

zaterdag 1 mei 2010

K is for Koninginnedag!

April 30th is the day the Dutch put the flags out and celebrate their love for all things orange. If you want to know how it should be celebrated got to Andy's blog to find out.
We got away from the crowds and celebrated with these folks -