maandag 30 juni 2008

Carmen in Monnickendam

On saturday night my neighbour invited me to the Opera!
An open air performance of highlights from "Carmen", no less. Now I'm not an opera buff, but I did learn to play "Toreador" on the piano when I was a kid, like everyone else doing piano lessens at the time, so I said yes.
The Open Air bit was also an attraction, and if you brought your own folding chair, there was a reduced price. I suppose I had better explain further.
This was not Glyndborne, or the Prinsengracht Concerts; this was Monnickendam's equivalent - a klapstoelen concert!
So we trotted along at ten to eight with our stools under our arm, and a fleecy sweater for when the sun went down, and arrived at the "Beesten Markt" literally two streets from our houses.
It was a lovely evening, and we were treated to some very good singing from both the soloists and the Operakoor themselves.
"Chapeaux" as they say in Netherland.
And we were home before eleven! I'll have to check the agenda for their next performance.

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