zondag 15 februari 2009

This weekend I didn't go to Berlin

I hope the party was great, and the dresses fabulous, and the table centre pieces inspired!

Not going to Berlin had me remembering the many parties I've been to at my sisters houses over the years.

Driving to Durham, when she was an undergrad, for student binges which lasted the weekend, then dashing back to work on the monday morning.

Driving up to Alnwick for mega parties, which were so brilliant we braved extreme weather conditions. I battled through a snow storm one weekend for a binge at the Duchess School, and another time, we went up the A1 togged out in fancy dress, and stopped for petrol at a lonely pump station in a gale. As we were paying at the kiosk the wind lifted the roof off the forecourt and it sailed over the fields into the darkness. The guy at the kiosk watched it go philosophically!

Flying to Madrid to sample Spanish night life, and realising I was getting too old to party until 4.00 a.m.!

Coming over from Amsterdam to Tynemouth for the party at Birtley Avenue the night before my brothers wedding, when she spent the whole of the evening cooking sausages, and forgetting to eat any herself, which left her in a decidedly delicate condition for the wedding the next day!

Having a memorable Christmas dinner at Tynemouth, with snow falling, and a great turkey dinner all served on our grandmothers dinner service which must be over 80 years old!

Going over to Orlando, Florida, for her wedding to Detmar, which was probably the smallest party Penny has ever given, but very beautiful, and romantic (we won't mention the food-poisoning!)

Then there was night before New Years Eve, when we drove over to Berlin, to be telephoned en route with the news that Penny's plane from England was cancelled, and they would not be there to meet us.

We got the keys from the neighbour, and the next day followed her instructions on how to set up the party to the letter, welcomed the guests (none of whom we knew - and all of whom were German) and had everything running smoothly (apart from the red wine blooper) before they walked in at 9.00 p.m!

So I hope the party was great, and you had as good a time as you always do, and I'm thinking about you!

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