donderdag 19 maart 2009

how to buy a horse in Holland part 2 (by Jolanda)

this is Wahid, the horse we looked at on wednesday. He lives in Noord-Brabant, that is right at the belgium border. we had to drive at least 2 hours before we got there. I thought he was beautiful. and he rode wel. but mum and i both did not ride at the same level as we usually do. We were very careful and were a bit uncomfortable. not because of the horse, but because the owners were watching us. Next time we go mum said that I should ride him for a whole hour and do some jumping too. Wahid was very gentle and very sweet too. the only thing was that this horse was very close with his owner. he followed her like a puppy. which can be good but can make it very hard for us to bond with him.

2 opmerkingen:

BevS97 zei

So, is it still a contender? He looks very nice, and Jolanda looks quite happy on him.

Jane zei

We are going back to ride him afain, but not til Aoril 4,