maandag 8 juni 2009

E is for Equestrian

I'm finding a conflict between blogging and daily trips to the stables; Its not easy to find time to write, but the relationship between Ulo and Jolanda is getting stronger every day.
We've now got the confidence to go on easy hacks, which are fun, as there are other kids with new ponies too, and we are all more or less at the same level.
Sunday was our second outing, and I took the camera to try and get some nice shots. The interesting out of focus effect is a thumb print on the lens!

Ice cream stop at the organic farm "zorg borderij ons verlangen" on our route. They make their own ice cream, as well as selling organic fruit and vegetables, and very high quality meat.

Swan families are a real hazard at this time of the year, as the fathers are aggressively protective, and will attack cars - so ponies need to be very careful! They still look lovely though!
After our sedate hack, Ulo and Jolanda cantered once we got back home! Next week, we mothers may have enough courage to allow them to do this outside!

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