maandag 3 augustus 2009

I is for "In beweging"

We spent a week in a Landal Green Park in Northern Germany with Penny and Sascha. The weather was changeable, but in between the rain we managed to get out and about! It was not so warm most of the time so we had to keep on moving! (the Dutch for keep moving is "In beweging")

There are more photos here !

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analog zei

nice photo.................

see plz

BevS97 zei

I can't seem to see the Flickr Photos, I am just getting linked back to MY Flickr photos which I don't really want to see!

BevS97 zei

I managed to find them in Flickr - it looks like you had a lovely holiday, Jolanda is looking very grown up, and so is Sascha. We really need to get together with you all sometime soon.

Jane zei

Hi Bev,
We'll be over the week of Mam's birthday - Jolanda will be meeting all her cousins at the same time, as Paul and family are coming up too!