dinsdag 16 maart 2010

On Cloud nine

Sunday was Jolanda and Ulo's second dressage competition. She did not have to start until lunchtime, which meant we could have a lie in, but we did not have the use of a trailer this time, so we had to walk down the road.

Ulo thought that was very scary, so we went sideways almost the whole way, (it must be two kilometers)

Once she got the the competition venue she settled down however, and Jolanda rode very well. It was cold, so after she had finished, I took a very tired Ulo home, whilst Jolanda waited for her results.

She rang me to say she had won two first prizes, with a score of 199, and 202 - four points towards the next level! Shes been on cloud nine ever since, and we have two cups and two rosettes!

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