zondag 18 april 2010

do we make our own luck?

My body can't get enough of the warmth and sunshine and its been another great weekend of horses. today we went for a pleasant hack, four kids on ponies and mums like anxious clucking hens alongside went for ice cream at Debbies
Yesterday Jolanda rode in the owners competition at the manege in Broek in Waterland. Although she only came second we were really pleased with her result, as her scores were very high and she was riding in a higher class than her official place in the KNHS system.
Before we go into a competition everyone says "ik wens je sucess" (I wish you sucess). Jolanda said the other day how strange it was that in England people wish you luck, whereas in Holland they wish you sucess. She found is strange because wishing luck implies that the preparation and the work that you put in before a competition counts for nothing, luck is all you need to win. The Dutch are more realistic, if you work at each element of a competition, you will succeed, Luck has nothing to do with it!

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