zondag 5 oktober 2008

Weekend in Drenthe

I promised to post pixs, so here they are - very late I know, but we've been so busy this is the first weekend I've had a moment to "effe computeren" as the Dutch say. We went to Drenthe because the tourist blurb talked about the "beautiful nature" of the area - does this look natural to you?

In fact, green, open and fresh as it is, Drenthe looks much the same as the rest of rural Holland. However, if you have lived here as long as we have, you begin to see subtle differences in the flatness. We feel a bit like the Inuits, who reportedly have 150 adjectives for snow, in that we can describe Drenthes flatness as very slightly undulating!

The area has been inhabited since prehistory, and we went to the Hunnebedden centrum. Here's Jolanda on top of a neolithic burial site!

And finally to show that we do sometimes spend time together, here is a rare picture (slightly out of focus, I know) of me and John!

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womagwriter zei

You look rather like a much younger version of my aunt Miriam!

Love your blog. If you follow my blogger id to my blog you will see I'm a writer, too, of a different kind!