zondag 14 september 2008

A really nasty Ecard!

Ever since 2001, I have made positive efforts to enjoy my birthday even though the majority of the western world are remembering the terrorist attacks on America at the same time. Well, as I always say, It was my birth date before those fanatics chose that day.
I keep the day itself low key, but always try to do something special for myself the day after.
This year was no different, so September 11 was a normal working day, and I downloaded my email in the evening, before we went away for a lovely family weekend the next day.
One of my emails was message from a greeting card company, announcing there was an Ecard for me. As several of my friends use ecards I tried to open it, and even overrode the antivirus warning that popped up - what an idiot! This was no birthday card!
My computer was immediately infected by the win antispyware 2008 virus!
Why do these bxxxxxds do this?
Luckily for me, and unknown to the joker who thought it would be a great idea to trash my computer, my techie husband spends his life fighting this sort of virus attack!
It took him more than a hour, but he hit it with all the anti malware programs in his arsenal, and seeing as it was my birthday, he did not charge me the 90 euro fee which is his normal rate, bless him!
Now I have my computer back in working order, I will be posting pix from our weekend away soon.
So sucks to you - win antispyware 2008!!!!!

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BevS97 zei

I nearly did that on my birthday, and then some little voice said, don't click. I am so sorry but thank goodness for John's expertise.

Your very safe, if a little later, paper card is on it's way.