zondag 5 april 2009

How to buy a horse in Holland! (Part 3)

Remember Wahid ? We were going to go and see him again yesterday, and we were thinking that if he could do the things we wanted to do, we would really like to buy him, so we were very excited! Well I was excited, and 12 year old daughter Jolanda was REALLY excited!
Then the lady who was selling him rang up and said she did not want to sell him anymore! (Sob from me, and buckets of tears from Jolanda)
She came up with loads of reasons why we would not be the perfect people to own Wahid, but really the bottom line is that she loves him very much, and you just have to accept he is a very loved horse.
So its back to the search for us, and I´ve got some phoning to do this week. Next weekend is Easter so we have four days to visit strange corners of Holland and try different horses.

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