maandag 5 oktober 2009

Numero uno for Ulo!

Jolanda and Ulo competed for the first time on Sunday, and came first in their class! Jolanda had a mega score of 194 (which is brilliant). We were so pleased, and also for those who were the runners up in the owners competition as they all worked really hard and deserved their ribbons too.
From left to right, 4th was Kelly on Buster, 3rd Dunia on Lester and 2nd Kiki on Sharda, and Jolanda on the end with her cup.
John was great as cameraman and editor and made this film for everyone to see!
One last thing - Jolanda was the only entrant who groomed, plaited and saddled up without the aid of a parent! Said parent just got the honour of mucking out the stall!

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