donderdag 29 oktober 2009

A weekend of cousins

Last weekend we went to England to celebrate the 80th birthday party of not only Jolandas Grandmother Meg Stephenson, but also her Grandmother Anne Hindess. We had two great celebrations, A party with 75 guests at Tynemouth Golf Club for my mother on Saturday night, and an intimate lunch for my husbands mother at Jesmond Dene House Hotel on sunday.
We are very lucky that Meg and Anne are both fit and happy, and well able to enjoy their celebrations to the full.
It was a unique weekend, as Jolanda had the chance to meet all her cousins at the same time, These are her cousins from the Hindess side of the family,

And these are her cousins from the Stephenson side of the family!

Ass you can see we spent quite a lot of the weekend eating!

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BevS97 zei

It was lovely to see you at the weekend!