vrijdag 6 november 2009

Teaching English!

My new income source is teaching English to Dutch teenagers. The poor dears now have to reach a certain level of proficiency by the time of the final exams. It puts pressure on kids and parents alike, but I not only offer individual teaching sessions for kids with problems reaching the required grade, I also occasionally work as the "native English speaker"at a local school who started to run a "fast track" english course last year. I now teach the second years, and the new first years, once every six weeks of so!
Now I have no teaching qualifications, so on the surface of it being British is the only reason I get clients, but I do have successes, and I do get a kick out of working with the kids!
This week the year 2's made a start with studying english literature. The head of year chose this book - Revolting Rhymes by Roald Dahl - which would not have been my choice but whatever....
On Tuesday we studied "Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf" followed by "Three Little Pigs".
My task was to read out the poems - with feeling. I always find Roald Dahl to be a bit gruesome, but I did my best -
"what big eyes you have, Grandma" etc.
The kids were suitably impressed. (Bear in mind they are thirteen and fourteen year olds)
Roald Dahl's tale had that twist you always get, then we went on to the second poem.
I "huffed" and "puffed" and came to the end of the poem.
There was silence, then a little voice from the back piped up in dutch (with a volendamse accent) "but did the last pig die?"
There was a chorus of disgust, and everyone insisted that this story was totally fake, and not the real story after all!
Maybe kids these days are too involved in reality TV to accept imaginative literature!

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